Summer basket is a knitterā€™s basket

One thing I’ve found is that I could never manage as a teacher without my basket. It’s where I put my pens, my papers, my computer, my books and booklets and everything else I might need, so I can carry it to my classroom. Before I got a basket I kept forgetting things and had to fiddle a lot with holding everything in one hand while trying to unlock the door with the other. Now with my basket, I just put it on the floor while I open the door and I still have everything I need and then some. It’s perfect! Not to mention it’s pretty!

Now though, during summer, my basket was just standing there and I wondered what to do with it. At the same time I realized that my little stash problem, and by that I mean that there is limited space in my stash while I keep buying new yarn and not knitting it in the same rate as I buy it, was still very much a problem. There were yarn but no space. Eventually I got it. I had a basket on summer vacation, a device meant to hold things, and things that needed to be held. Obviously my basket, being on summer vacation as it is, needed to do what I do while on vacation: play with yarn.

Although, it actually didn’t hold as many skeins as I had expected…