Unexpected progress

I’m getting a little tired of the black cotton cardigan. I think it should be done by now. And even though the knitting is making great progress given the circumstances, there is still blocking, sewing, weaving in ends and buttons left. This reminds me why I prefer raglan sleeves…

Yesterday I felt a bit discouraged and thought I would never make progress but I actually got quite a lot of knitting done today and now I feel better. The back is done and the left front too and today I cast on the right front and knit about half of it so now I feel much better about the whole thing. Then it’s time for sleeves, my nemesis, but luckily they are short. It’s still sleeves though.

But let’s not think about sleeves now, no, let’s rejoice in the fact that I’ve managed to finish half of the right front today. That’s really something.