The first step on a long dark journey

I’m desperate for some knitting time. I can tell by the signs (and obviously the itch in my fingers): I buy yarn and patterns. I’ve seen this before, when I don’t have the time to knit, I buy yarn instead. This is what happens now. And, I have been swatching for my new cardigan today, but it’s a project more of need than of fun. I have a lot of black tank tops to wear this summer and I need a cardy to go with (although the weather lately does not invite even breezy cotton summer cardigans). So, I’ve cast on a black cotton lace cardigan. It’s not a project I would have picked otherwise, without the black tank tops, but it’s one I need. And since black is not my favorite color in knitting, I buy yarn. Yarn in light colors, beautiful light green and pink and everything nice. Hopefully this cardigan will go by fast because I can barely fit anymore yarn in my stash and this is not a sustainable method, let me tell you.

Okay, time to knit so I can finally finish!