I’m about to believe you

I’ve often heard that crocheting is such a quick craft compared to knitting. It’s faster but requires more yarn. I heard it from dedicated crocheters whom I trust but I haven’t really experienced it myself, granted I’m not a crocheter and thus haven’t enough empirical data to draw conclusions from. Also, I’ve mostly crocheted different flowers and such and they are perhaps a bit fiddly.

Now though, now I’m not so sure anymore. I think my shawl is moving forward quite rapidly, I’m already at the sixth section. This could be because I’ve had more time than usual to crochet, time is a real thing and it’s obvious you get a lot more done in two hours than in thirty minutes. It could also depend on the pattern, maybe this pattern is particularly easy and that’s why it moves forward so smoothly. Maybe I’ve gotten better at the craft and that’s why I think it’s quicker, I don’t have to think that much on What I’m doing. Maybe it’s a combination of all these factors.

Or maybe, just maybe, crocheting just is a quicker craft in general.

A bit like Goldilocks

Earlier this year my LYS launched a sock pattern for a pair of stripey socks. It was a particularly nice sock pattern, clever but not too difficult. Me and a lot of other knitters got obsessed with it. It required two different yarns and there were infinite possibilities of different color combinations. Since I spend a lot of time in my LYS I found more and more combinations that I wanted to try.

First there were purple socks for me. I knit, it went fast like the wind and I finished. The only problem with this pattern is that it’s about a million ends to weave in. A total of 28 to be exact. That’s about 24 too many for a pair of socks. They might be worth it though.

After they were finished I had a lot of leftovers. The yarn is kind of expensive so I’m glad I got leftovers but I wasn’t sure how much I had and what I could make. Then someone I know lost someone they held dear and it was clear I needed to make socks. This someone happens to love purple and here I was with a lot of leftover sock yarn in purple. The answer was obvious.

This someone has feet that are a lot smaller than mine so I took a chance and it worked out, I had enough yarn. I finished the socks and delivered them, a little late I admit, to the receiver.

If that wasn’t enough, I still had leftover yarn. And another someone was waiting for a little Me Made of her own. So I made another pair of socks, mini socks. The yarn just kept on giving.

All in all I got three pairs of socks out of the sock kit for just one pair. That’s quite amaizing and considering how many kits I’ve got, there can be a lot of socks around here. If only I had the time to knit them…

Pattern: Zebrasockor by Hanna for Yllotyll Design (adult socks) and Babysockor med. stretch from Järbo (baby socks). Yarn: Crazy Zauberball from Shoppel Wolle (all three pairs), color 1699 Fliederduft, and Sisu fom Sandnes Garn, color 5224 (adult socks). No mods.

A little update

Just a quick update to show you my crochet progress. The second clue of the MCAL came out today but I haven’t dared to start it yet. Instead I’m focusing on this shawl which is turning out nice I think. It’s pretty as it is but I honestly can’t wait to block it. But first I have to finish it.

For better or worse

Regular summers, ones without Me Made, I always feel that summer doesn’t start until my vacation start. That usually happens in the beginning of July and I spend the entire month of June looking forward to my vacation and the beginning of summer. Then vacation starts and I all of a sudden realize that we’re way into summer and that I’ve missed it so far. This happens every summer.

This year though, with being home with Me Made, I’ve indeed missed a lot but I’m well aware it’s summer. That’s the one thing I’ve really noticed. We’re not even in the first week of July yet and it feels like an eternity. We still have two full months left till school starts again and I have a feeling this will be a really long summer, for better or worse. I will try to enjoy as much as I can of it.

Showing off my favorite places

Today I introduced little Me Made to our LYS – local yarn store. Me Made wasn’t perhaps as interested as I was but thought all the colors were pretty. The first of many visits, I’m sure, and there will probably be days when Me Made will throw a tantrum by the mere thought of visiting another yarn store. Today though was mostly spent looking and yawning and I think it was a very successful visit.

Other than that there hasn’t been much yarn activities going on over here today. I have sewn a label on a sock and that’s it. All in all, not too bad.

Classic with a twist


Some traditions are easy to follow and some are not. A few months ago I found out that apparently the clothes a baby wears when coming home from the hospital is a big thing, something to save as an heirloom. I didn’t know about this and neither did the friends that I spoke with about it. Some of them just shrugged and asked why bother but I couldn’t do that. I’m not good at cooking and won’t take home any titles as mother of the year for my cinnamon rolls. I’m not the one to run around playing and there are other areas as well where I won’t be the best. But I’m a knitter, that’s where I can do something and I’ll be damned if my kid isn’t going to wear the best stuff.

So I went in search for deliciousness. I knew almost immediately what pattern I wanted, or rather what pattern features I wanted – a picot hem. That would set this cardigan apart from all other cardigans.

I find picot hems adorable on the right garment but they are too much of a hustle to do on a regular basis (I did it on a baby blanket a few years ago and the rows on that one was so long I had enough of picot hems for a long time). For this project it was time to bring back the picot.

So what pattern could I combine with a picot hem? Something a little A-lined with a few buttons, since that’s simply adorable as well. And raglan sleeves obviously since set in sleeves is also too much trouble. (Yes, I see how it’s a bit contradictory that I want to make a picot hem, which takes some time, while I don’t want to be bothered making set in sleeves because they also take a lot of time but picots are pretty, set in sleeves doesn’t do that much for the overall look in my opinion.)

Then there was the question of yarn. I surfed some web pages just for fun and one day I just stumbled upon it. White merino with some deep pink spots, simply gorgeous. Just enough for an heirloom baby cardy, classic white but with a modern twist. I realized later that there were teal parts to the yarn as well. I think it was a mistake, maybe it got some spots in the making, but that’s just charming, I think.

Then obviously I needed a matching bonnet to complete the look. Another picot hem and a little bow to tie it up. All in all the entire set is adorable, just as I pictured it. It was a little big on Me Made when we left the hospital, we still used it though, after all it was the whole purpose to make it, but we picked it up again for midsummer and it fit perfectly.

Cardigan pattern: Maile Sweater by Nikki Van De Car. Bonnet pattern: Baby Butterfly Bonnet by Susie Sparkles. Yarn: Victory Sock from Knitted Wit, color Winterberry. Mods: I omitted the lace on both patterns and added a picot hem to the cardigan.

When a black cardigan is not the answer

We had a blackout tonight. Everything just went black when the power shut off – lamps, the TV, wifi, everything. If you are going to have a blackout, mid-June is the best time since it’s so light outside anyway. Indoors is a bit dusky but you can still see to do most things, especially if you sit by the window. If I hold a book up to the light coming in from the window I can see to read.

What I can’t do though is to knit on my black cardigan. Had I picked a different color it wouldn’t have been a problem (well, navy would be hard too) but now, with my black yarn, it’s simply not possible. I’ll probably just go to bed instead.

And to think I’m less than a sleeve from finished!

A day of many firsts

Midsummer Eve and the lightest days of the year (I know, technically summer solstice was yesterday) and Me Made’s first. We spent the day at my mum’s with friends and food and some very good advice. We’ve had a little break through concerning a baby bouncer, a pacifier and falling asleep in a stroller – grandma simply is the best.

Oh, and there were strawberries. And knitting.

Happy Midsummer!

Out of my comfort zone

The MCAL (that’s C as in Crochet!) started yesterday and I’ve been looking at the pattern clue a little. It says that the difficulty level is intermediate and I’m not sure I’m there, I’m not an intermediate crocheter. Or at least I’m not an intermediate level pattern reader. On the other hand, I’ve never let anything stop me when it comes to knitting no matter the difficulty level so why start now?

As I mentioned, I got two kits for this MCAL (I know, I’m crazy) which means I have to at least try to make it no matter the difficulty. I’ll just have to be bold and brave. And also wait till the right moment when I have enough, well, time.

Progress update

But what has happened to the black cardigan? Thank you for asking! It’s moving forward, I’m more than halfway through the second front but I discovered that I forgot to cast off for under the arm so I had to rip out a few rows to fix it. Now I’m caught up again and I’m moving on slowly but steadily. I’m crocheting when I can’t knit but try to knit when I can. (But let’s face it, the crochet project is pink and green and the knitting is black, which is more fun?) Once the second front is done I only have the sleeves left and they are short so there’s not much left.

I’m not worried about the knitting, it will happen sooner or later, it’s still knitting after all despite it being black, but the finishing, the blocking, sewing and weaving in ends, that I’m not sure will happen. We’ll see.