Quite ironic

My mystery knit along club always says that every clue is non stressful. Usually that is true, the longer the rows the fewer rows per clue which is generally very nice. This time though the rows are not getting longer, since it’s a rectangular wrap, but every clue has so many rows! Usually a clue includes about 4000 sts. This time though, they have about 7000 sts. I like how this shawl is coming along but must the clues have so many rows just because I’m behind?

Right now I’ve finished the second clue (and it’s sort of past my bed time) and I have two clues left before next Friday. Since I mostly have the energy to knit during weekends I doubt I will make much progress before the next clue arrives. Oh well, it’s not a really a problem, I just find it ironic that this time around the clues are so long when they’ve never been that before. It will work out and most importantly, the shawl will look great.