Sewing buttons

Maintenance night was a success and it wore off on today as well. I managed weave in all ends on my rainbow sweater and block it too. That really earned me the luxury to cast on something new. But, the thought of all these buttons over the past few months got me thinking. It seems people have different ideas on how to sew buttons and I figure I could share how I do it. I prefer sewing with the yarn I used for knitting, preferably with one of the ends I have to weave in anyway. Then I use the same end for all the buttons, without cutting it in between. That might be good or bad but one thing that I think is good is that it’s only the last button sewn that might fall off (or will at least fall off first) since the others are attached with the same thread. That means that none of the middle buttons can be pulled off just like that (unless you cut the yarn of course) which feels especially reassuring when it comes to baby sweaters. Babies like to pull at things and it would be bad if they managed to pull off a button and put it in the mouth. That’s my prefered method of sewing buttons.