Not the kind of chicken I imagined

I’ve finished the first sleeve on my rainbow sweater. The cuffs are purple and now I wonder if I will have enough purple for the second sleeve. It’s only 24 rows but still, that is a very small yarn ball. I have plenty left of all the other colors but this one will be close one, a game of yarn chicken if ever I saw one. Will there be enough or not? I better knit fast so I know in time to get more yarn before Easter. I don’t want to wait till after Easter since Easter will be four days of glorious knitting time and I’d rather have my sweater finished by the end of it. And yarn chicken is not the apropriate Easter chicken, not at all, there are plenty of other types of chicken that are a much better match for Easter. So, knit on, knit fast!


I once talked to a painter and we discussed wall colors. I have a hallway beautifully painted in pink and I love it. The walls were nougat colored before and we thought that was a little dark and gloomy so we decided on pink instead. The painter I talked to explained that he once had a job where he was asked to paint in “boldly beige”. Both he and I thought this must be an oxymoron.

Since then I’ve found quite a few of these. I have a friend who said she cleaned out the only navy blue garment from her wardrobe, it felt too flaring among all the grays and blacks. I’ve never heard navy blue described as flaring before. Flaringly navy blue and boldy beige…

Today I showed my mum the socks I knit for her. She picked the color and I find them a bit dark now that I’m longing for spring. My mum disagreed, she found them snappy.. Snappy wine red, here we go again. I think I will start to collect these funny color descriptions – boldy beige, flaringly navy blue and snappy wine red. What’s next, descreetly cerise?

A little sock-in-progress

I have a lot on my plate right now. So much to do and at the same time, I’m quite tired. That means that there is not much knitting going on during the weeks but the weekends are mine. Tonight though I had to knit a few stitches and made a few rows on a sock-in-progress. It’s M&M knitting, just one more row, one more row. It’s lovely to see how the stripes move and I like it a lot. A sock is perfect when you have limited time, you can make quite a few rows in just a few minutes. Busy times like these, I take what I can get.