I’m way too smug over this

I’ve had a very productive weekend. The second sleeve flew by and all of a sudden I only had about a decimeter left of the first sleeve. That went by quickly as well, despite me going to a ball on Friday evening instead of kniting. Last night I cast off and wove in all the ends and today I blocked it. That’s right, my cardigan has gotten from about five centimeters that I left back in September 2016 to a blocking garment only four buttons short in just three weeks. Well, three weeks of actual knitting, it was hibernating for 15 months before that. And more, I have bought the buttons too already! Now I just have to wait till it’s dry, sew the buttons and then put on my new cardy.


I had a knitting accident today. I was at the yarn store, there was a sign saying discontinued and everything went a little foggy after that. I ended up with a lot of yarn balls, enough for about ten small baby sweaters. It’s a lovely combination of colors, it looks like ice-cream. And since I know of a lot of babies that will be born this year, I figure it’s good to have som baby sweater friendly yarn around.

Discontinued though, it’s a difficult word and I bet that yarn companies know what effect that word has on us knitters. I haven’t even knit from this yarn before and I still got overly excited. The colors were suddenly so pretty and they really are, even without the word discontinued in mind. I’m sure there will be very lovely sweaters coming from this. Also, the yarn is aran weight so there should be space left in the stash.

Gradient goal

Colors. I love colors. I love, love, love colors. I have written before how I love gradient yarn but that I have never knit anything from it. Now is the time. If I should have one goal knitwise this year it should be to knit a project with at least one of my gradients. This evening I ordered another one and this is getting out of control, I need to knit something too, not just keep it in my stash to look at. Now all I need is to find a pattern. Tricky, tricky…

Time for sleeves

And we are back to sleeves. Front lace is finished and sleeves are that’s left. Sleeves, sleeves, sleeves. Two to be exact. One is almost finished, almost sort of, and the other is… started at least. I figure I should start the second one just to see how long the third yarn ball will take me and then I can decide if I have enough yarn to make long sleeves. My arms are longer than what the pattern is written for so I guess that even if I make full lenght sleeves according to the pattern, they will still look short on me. Oh well, we’ll see, first I have a pair of sleeves to finish.

See what’s hip right now

I walked past a book store today and there is definitely a change in the knitting book area since 2014, considering yesterday’s observation. This book wouldn’t even be printed four years ago, I believe. But there is a change and it seems that colorwork is what all the cool kids are doing right now. I have seen mutiple books containing fair isle sweaters and other types of color work and this is just the next one. It seems colorwork is in right now and four years ago, quick knits were in. I wonder what the next hot thing will be and also what I would want it to be. I think I prefer pattern books with a variety of items and a variety of techniques and fabric characteristics. If there is a theme, I want it to be spring or November or organic or something like that, not a knitting technique or a type of garment. We’ll see what happens on the knitting scene but I do really welcome this change, not everything has to be quick.

The fairytale knitting book

A few years ago I wrote a blog post about how all knitting books these days seem to focus on knitting being quick, which is ironic since knitting isn’t a very quick craft (sure, a pair of short wrist warmers on size 5 mm needles but that’s sort of the exception) so it’s quite weird to ask it to be quick. Since that blog post I feel a slight change in the pattern book area, there are some more complicated stuff, but I often feel that books are more focused on using “fun” yarn than interesting fiber caracteristics. Anyway, it seems there might be a change and I welcome that.

Something I like when it comes to pattern books is when there is a story with each pattern. It doesn’t have to be a long story, but something to give a litte backgound to pattern. The book in the picture excel in stories. It’s actually mostly stories and then some knitting patterns. I like that, it’s so much more than just another pattern book, it’s a way of knitting what you’ve been reading in the children’s books. It talks about Pippi Longstocking and other beloved children’s books and gives you the pattern for the item the character is wearing. That also gives every item a backstory and it’s great.

I got this book from my mum for Christmas two year’s ago and while I have been reading it, I haven’t knit anything from it yet. Now though, I feel it might be the time, just as long as finish my current WIP’s first.

A lack of space

Despite me re-doing my stash this past summer, and planned so that there would be room for more yarn, I have now reached a point where I can barely fit any more yarn in the categories light fingering, fingering and sport weight. The answer is obvious, I need to knit stash yarn. I have yarn in the freezer that I can’t fit right now, and knit from the stash seems like a fair plan. Or, you know, find other places to stash yarn but why not try the knitting option first. When that fails (and I inevitable buy more yarn despite the evident lack of space), I will find more space elsewhere.

So now I need to plan projects to knit from those categories. I need to come up with a plan and I might also need to go through those categories to see what’s hiding in there, behind the outermost layer. There is a lot of sock yarn there but I have other socks in pipeline so that’s not the answer. Also, I have to remember that knitting from the stash won’t compromise the integrity of said stash. And, the question arises again, when does yarn become stash yarn?


Today was somewhat happily making progress on a sleeve on my UFO-cardigan when I realized something. I was moving towards the end of the first sleeve when I ran out of my second yarn ball. I have four so that isn’t really an issue but I got a bit concerned. I have the second sleeve left and also the front panel. The front panel is the thing on this cardigan, it’s nothing without it, and I don’t want to run out of yarn with just a few rows left. With this in mind I made a decision. I finished my second yarn ball and then I left the sleeve on waste yarn and cast on the front panel. I don’t know how much yarn that will take so I will finish it and then move on to the second sleeve if I’m not positive I have enough yarn for two full lenght sleeves. Sleeves are a lot easier to make shorter, like 3/4 sleeves, but a front panel that is too short will be very difficult to gloss over and to solve in the blocking or something. I’m happy with my decision and the front panel is much more fun to knit than the sleeves. Let’s just hope I won’t  get second sleeve syndrome when that time comes.

Fickle dye lots

In my new cardigan (which is really an old cardigan) I finished the first skein and moved on to the second. I didn’t think about it further and happily finished the back and moved on to the sleeves. After a few rows on the first sleeve I noted a color change. I wasn’t sure what it meant but decided to check the back and sure enough, there is a lighter line right where I changed skeins. I checked the dye lots and they are the same but the line is there, just around the last marker before the gap in markers.

I have thought about whether it bothers me and I have decided that it doesn’t. I have no interest in ripping out half of the body and after considering it I have decided that it’s not as obvious as I first though. About the sleeves, that wasn’t prominent at all after a few more rounds so I figure I’m all good.