The call of the yarn

These past four days have been all about yarn. I’ve worked with yarn during three out of the four days and I’ve visited three yarn stores. I’ve had big yarn accidents and gotten multiple ideas for new projects. It’s really time for a new cardigan for example. I’m thinking green. And someone hinted that the socks received two years ago had done their job by now. There seems to be a baby boom next year and I know of at least five babies arriving before Midsummer. Obviously this means that it’s time to knit baby clothes. Also, there was a lot of yarn that needed me to take care of it.

Being around yarn is very nice, I just need to touch it. You pass a beautiful skein on your way to something else and you just stretch out your hand and give it a little squeeze in passing. It’s very satisfying. And the project ideas, obviously, so many of them. They just keep poping up which is very nice. Today an idea for a baby sweater just forced itself into my head and I can’t get it out. There is something about the days between Christmas and New Year’s that just makes me want to start eleven projects at the same time. I haven’t so far but they yarn is calling me and I know it’s only a question of time before I do something about it. We’ll see how long I can resist.

Black hole

I seem to be stuck in a knitter-y black hole. I have half a centimeter left of the ribbing on my knitting and no matter how many rows I knit I don’t seem to be able get to 20 centimeters. We’ll see for I long I will be stuck but I hope I’ll get out soon because dark grey ribbing is only so much fun, you know.

Happy Holidays!

Christmas Eve and I’m full of food and marzipan, I have gotten amazing gifts and I’m happy and content.

I have knit on my Christmas knittings, all of them, and I’m looking forward to the finished projects, mainly socks. Hopefully we’ll have a cold winter so I get to use them a lot. Please note my perfectly round yarn ball. I didn’t use my ball winder due to the tree being up and it’s in the way of the space where I put my swift so I just figured it was easier to wind by hand and that created this lovely little round ball.

I wish you alla a happy and knitter-ly holiday!

The evening before

The tree is decorated, the knitting is done and the gifts are wrapped. I’m ready for Christmas. I only made two knitted gifts this year but the are indeed finished and delivered to their respective recipients. For the rest of Christmas I plan to eat a lot of good food and cookies, spend time with my near and dear ones and knit on my Christmas knitting.

I’ve started a pair of calf-high socks but since they come with colorwork I’m going to cast on another pair too, for more socal occasions so I don’t have to¬†look at a pattern all the time. This is truly the year of socks, this is my thirteenth pair. We’ll see if I finish before New Year’s though but if I don’t it’s not a big deal. I’m not going to be stressed by anything, I’m just going to keep calm and knit on.