They just knew

One has to love old Swedish patterns. I’m making this little gem from an older pattern. I’m not sure how old, the picture is in color and the model looks like it’s from the 60’s which means the pattern is about 50 years. The instructions are adorable but they are not for the inexperienced knitter. I have now knit half of the garment and the rest of the instructions are just “continue to knit the other half in the opposite direction. Instead of increasing, decrease, and instead of decreasing, increase. Cast off. Sew together”. There is a certain lack of information here and since the garment is a little odd looking, it’s not easy to know how to sew it together. Oh well, we’ll see, I’ll figure something out. Luckily I’ve knit one of these before. I must say though, I’m really impressed with knitters in the 60’s, they just knew what to do, with a minimum of information. That’s just..  wow!