Hard decisions

I have started on the sleeves on my cardi. They should be fast enough except for one thing. I prefer dpn’s over magic loop, I just think it’s quicker. I know others prefer magic loop and it’s as it should be, there is something for everybody. I find magic loop endlessly fiddley. I’ve only ever made one sock in magic loop, not two, one, and that was all I could manage. Therefore, when I reached the point where the sleeves were knit in-the-round, I changed to dpn’s.

I love my dpn’s and I’ve never had any problems with them while knitting items on small needle sizes, like 2,5 mm. But, once I go up a few sizes, I get a problem with the last stitch one each needle being too loose. I didn’t want that to happen (it has hapened before on a cardigan and me and that cardigan are really not friends) so after a few rounds I had to make a decision. Stick with the dpn’s and have a happier knitting time but a less happy finished project or change to magic loop and have a not-so-good knitting time but a prettier cardi. It was difficult to make up my mind but in the end I decided to go for magic loop. It’s fiddley as hell but there are no gaps (or, there is one gap but it’s small enough to go by unnoticed). Let’s just hope I will endure this and stick with it for the 1,5 sleeves that are left. All in the hope of pretty cardigan at the end of the rainbow.