Sock spring

In the summer I try to take the opportunity to go out running. I’m not particularly fond of running but it’s one way to enjoy the nice weather instead of only work out indoors. Some years when I run, I want change. All the time. I change where I go and discover new routes and new distances. Some years I don’t. This year I’ve been out running nine times so far, about once a week depening on weather and my classes at the gym. But every time I’ve taken the exact same distance. 6 kilometers, neither more nor less. 6 km nine times makes for a total of 54 kilometers but that’s beside the point. The point is that I haven’t felt compelled to change my route. I have been perfectly comfortable in knowing that this route is 6 km and that’s it.

This spring I made eight pair of adult socks. Three of the pairs were for me. Six of the pairs were in the Business casual pattern. I know it by heart and it’s terribly elegant so why change? I Think it’s the same as with the running distance and route. I know it, I don’t have to make something up, I don’t have to be creative. I have a route, I will run it and then I know I’ve run 6 km. I have a pattern, I will knit it and I know it will turn into nice socks in the end and that was all I needed but it was also the only thing I could knit.

Sure, I made and effort to churn out a few other things but socks in Business casual were what really worked. I made asparagus colored ones and bonbon colored ones for myself. I made petrol ones for a co-worker who surprised me with yarn.

I made spring evening colored ones, pink ones and crazy colored ones. 6 kilometers per run and 6 pairs of Business casual made, something well-known that didn’t require thinking where the end result is the same every time. There is something very comfortable in that.

Pattern: Business casual by Tanis Lavallee. Yarn: Zauberball from Schoppel-wolle, colors 2310 Bunte Gasse and 2263 Monochrom, and Supersocke 4-fach Neon Color Two from ONline, color 01722.