Unexpected matching

Sometimes things work out even when you’ve not planned them to. It seems my project bag manages to match both the cardigan and my purse. A little unexpected but very nice.

We’re moving forward, me and the cardigan. This weekend has meant huge progress in the cardy department. I’m not sure if it’s visible but if you look at the fourth marker in the lower right corner, that’s how far I had knit when the cardy went into the freezer. The rest of it happened during the weekend. I have now set stitches aside for sleeves and fronts and I’m working on the back. That should slow me down though, it’s just back and forth in stockinette stitch for 16 centimeters. I know I’ve knit more than that on the body but that had decreases and increases and a cable pattern to keep me occupied. We’ll seeĀ but I really hope this knitting rush will last.