For the love of gradients

I love pretty much all types of yarn. That is a lie. I love almost every yarn in natural fibres except linen. I’m also not very fond of single ply but I’m very partial towards merino. So I guess you can say that there is quite a small amount of yarn that I love (but the one I love, I love truly and deeply and it also happens to be the most expensive amount). In this rather small part of all the yarn there is in the World, there is one thing that intrigues me the more than anything else. No, it’s not the magic words discontinued or limited edition although they seem to throw a spell on me whenever I hear them (then it’s good that I know I don’t really like single ply or lace weight, because that helps me resist the spell).

No, it’s gradient. Gradients intrigue me to no end. They fascinate me, I dream of them, I love them. I find patterns for gradients and I buy them and read them and I plan and I think. But here’s the thing. I never dare to cast on. I don’t know why but I chicken out every time. There is always something more pressing, or I come up with other, more urgent projects like the birthday for a third cousin twice removed or something like that. Maybe the pressure is too high, what if the project doesn’t turn out as delicious as I hoped.

I even bought lace weight because the yarn was pink gradients and called Glinda. Then there was another gradient called Wicked and that one was in green. Can you imagine? I’ve loved Wicked the musical ever since I saw it on Broadway in 2014, it’s one of my best theatre experiences ever. I am Glinda and I’m best friends with Elphaba and of course I had to get this gradient. But what to make?

Till I can gather up the courage to wind and cast on I will just be happy to have them, small bonbons to love and cherish. To look at and pat and snuggle every now and then. To dream of and make plans for and maybe, one day, actually cast on.