Magic 12 – check up

I have indeed finished the purple shawl. Or, since it’s so small, shawlette. It’s blocking and I can add another finished project to the list. Since I mentioned the Magic 12 yesterday, I started looking how I am doing on that front. To tell the truth, it’s bad. Really bad. If I’m going to look strictly at the rules, which states that I am to make at least 12 bigger projects (bigger projects include shawls and sweaters and garments, not accessories like cuffs, mitts and socks) for myself, it’s really bad. To this day, counting the purple shawlette, I have exactly three (3). Three shawls. That’s it. If I stretch the rules a bit and count all projects for me, it’s a little better, then I have seven (7). Or maybe 8, I haven’t decided yet. I made something for someone and now I’m thinking that someone doesn’t want that project and I’m not sure whether to keep the project for myself or not.

But yes, there it is and I need to plan accordingly. Tomorrow my purple cardigan will be out of quarantine in the freezer and also my MKAL shawl. I have another shawl that needs blocking and a border and the blocking is fine but the border is crochet and I’m not sure what to make since I don’t have a lot of yarn (this project was exciting in many ways, I got yarn from a co-worker and got to take a look at a shawl that it was supposed to turn out to, but I have no pattern so it’s all a little hit and miss. I managed to make the body of the shawl (knitting),┬ábut since I’m not really a crocheter, I don’t know how to attack the problem really. Well, I can always start with the blocking.).

So, I’m not giving up, I can do this, even though I might have to bend the rules a bit. I’m strong and powerful and the knitting goddess is with me! Knit on, knit strong!