It turns out yesterday wasn’t the last day at the beach, well, at least not the last day to go swimming. That was a surprise and a very good one too. Apparently summer isn’t completely over after all. Not that I ever thought it would be but still, fall semester is fast approaching.

This day was actually full of surprises. While I was away this week someone said the most scary word ever – moth. I was assured it wasn’t the clothes moth and I think I handled it all very well but I am also being proactive and just to be sure I have put all the wool I brought on my trip in quarantine in the freezer.

There is just a slight problem. Since I wanted to use this trip to get my knitting mojo back, I brought a variety of projects, hoping that one of them would tempt me. As it turns out, while one did indeed tempt me, I brought all of my VIP’s. This means that all my current projects are now in the freezer for the next week. What to do?

This is when I surprised myself. I actaully picked up a UFO, a shawl from 2014. I have knit a few rounds and it feels good. I hope this lasts.