Stash dash 2017 pt. 6 and weekend plans

It’s Sunday evening and I have done my best to meet my goals. So how have I done?

Well, no. 1:

The stash is organized! This is a huge accomplishment and I’m really happy about it. It seems I knit most in light fingering and fingering weight and it’s also these weights together with worsted that I seem to buy the most. I also now have 17 empty project bags (out of approximately 30). I should knit more from leftovers in fingering weight though because that section is just waiting to flood.

No. 2. I have blocked three pairs of socks.

No. 3. I am about three ridges into clue 6 on the MKAL.

No. 4. I have put together the package but I haven’t mailed it yet. I will do that tomorrow.

No. 5. I have wounded five skeins of yarn and swatched. I did get stuck though. Apparently I only have one 3,25 mm needle. One. One single needle. One needle doesn’t make a knitting. I have to go to the yarn store tomorrow and pick up a new pair. Therefore I haven’t cast on yet so technically I haven’t met this goal.

No. 6. I have contemplated knitworthyness but not nearly as much as I want to. On the other hand, I feel better about it so it was good anyway.

All in all I’m happy about my weekend, knitwise, even though I had hoped to have cast on my new knitting. I will take care of that tomorrow though. And also bring a back up knitting in case this doesn’t work out.