Stash Dash 2017 pt. 5 – Leftovers

What do other knitters do with their leftovers? That’s the question I’ve been asking myself tonight. I have a huge amount of leftovers, as I’m sure does every knitter. Before I just stashed them in color coded sections in the stash but it wasn’t working and now that the stash section containing un-knit yarn, so to speak, has expanded in order to create a better over view and organization, something must be done about the leftovers. Some of it is pretty useless but some of it can become other things, like wristwarmers or something even bigger when combined. Some of it I know what it is and some… I have no idea. But, I can see the end of Stash Dash 2017 and I have saved the best for last, as a treat for when I’m done dealing with the leftovers, to add the freezer yarn to the stash. There are a lot of goodies in there that can finally move in to the new and improved stash and I’m actually very excited to get to use it.

But first, leftovers!