The answer to everything

So I went to the yarn store the other day. I was going to get yarn for a pair of wristwarmers. You know, just a simple ball of yarn, how hard could it be? Well, famous last words because once there I just couldn’t decide! I looked at all the yarn, contemplated on the colors, disregarded some, reconsidered some and thought twice about some. In the end I was choosing between petrol and purple and just couldn’t make up my mind. I looked at pictures of the recipient, I looked at the yarn, I compared the yarn and pictures but I just couldn’t decide.

In the end I picked them both. Stripes is always the answer to a difficult color question!

Hard decisions

I have started on the sleeves on my cardi. They should be fast enough except for one thing. I prefer dpn’s over magic loop, I just think it’s quicker. I know others prefer magic loop and it’s as it should be, there is something for everybody. I find magic loop endlessly fiddley. I’ve only ever made one sock in magic loop, not two, one, and that was all I could manage. Therefore, when I reached the point where the sleeves were knit in-the-round, I changed to dpn’s.

I love my dpn’s and I’ve never had any problems with them while knitting items on small needle sizes, like 2,5 mm. But, once I go up a few sizes, I get a problem with the last stitch one each needle being too loose. I didn’t want that to happen (it has hapened before on a cardigan and me and that cardigan are really not friends) so after a few rounds I had to make a decision. Stick with the dpn’s and have a happier knitting time but a less happy finished project or change to magic loop and have a not-so-good knitting time but a prettier cardi. It was difficult to make up my mind but in the end I decided to go for magic loop. It’s fiddley as hell but there are no gaps (or, there is one gap but it’s small enough to go by unnoticed). Let’s just hope I will endure this and stick with it for the 1,5 sleeves that are left. All in the hope of pretty cardigan at the end of the rainbow.

Get your killer heels, sneakers, pumps or lace up your boots

In between knitting on my cardi and, you know, life in general, I try to work out as much as I can. Earlier this summer I found these amazing shoes for my dance classes and I’ve been really looking forward to break them in. Yesterday it finally happened and I got to dance in my pink and glittery shoes. The verdict? They are a little tight over the front of the foot but I will experiment a bit with the insoles and such and with that I think they will be perfect. They are pretty and I could dance just fine in them and, most importantly, they make me happy, so happy. We should all just wear pink shoes with glitter on, or, you know, whatever shoes rocks your boat. Salute!

Project planning

All of a sudden it happens. That moment when you start planning your next project, and the next one, and the next one. And you need to buy yarn, but what yarn, could this yarn go with that project? No, but perhaps with this project? But that was pretty as well, maybe I could do that one instead. But I can’t decide between these two colors, should I make two then? Or maybe something else entirely, something striped? Or cables? Or maybe lace? But then I need some other yarn. But they don’t have the perfect color in this yarn, where do I find yarn with the perfect color? This color is nice but the yarn doesn’t go with that pattern. Maybe another pattern? And this pattern was nice, I want one of these (I need one of these) but let’s not forget her birthday coming up. Speaking of birthdays, his birthday is just around the corner and she will have a baby soon and it was such a long time since she got something knitted and don’t I really need a new cardigan? But before I can make myself a cardigan I should really finish that shawl that I cast on before, but that doesn’t solve the problem with her birthday present, but maybe if I hurry with that project to free up those needles I can cast on that project soon. But what about yarn?

And then all of a sudden you sat down to look at a pattern for a hat but end up casting on a shawl and three pairs of wristwarmers instead. It’s just part of the process.

Sock spring

In the summer I try to take the opportunity to go out running. I’m not particularly fond of running but it’s one way to enjoy the nice weather instead of only work out indoors. Some years when I run, I want change. All the time. I change where I go and discover new routes and new distances. Some years I don’t. This year I’ve been out running nine times so far, about once a week depening on weather and my classes at the gym. But every time I’ve taken the exact same distance. 6 kilometers, neither more nor less. 6 km nine times makes for a total of 54 kilometers but that’s beside the point. The point is that I haven’t felt compelled to change my route. I have been perfectly comfortable in knowing that this route is 6 km and that’s it.

This spring I made eight pair of adult socks. Three of the pairs were for me. Six of the pairs were in the Business casual pattern. I know it by heart and it’s terribly elegant so why change? I Think it’s the same as with the running distance and route. I know it, I don’t have to make something up, I don’t have to be creative. I have a route, I will run it and then I know I’ve run 6 km. I have a pattern, I will knit it and I know it will turn into nice socks in the end and that was all I needed but it was also the only thing I could knit.

Sure, I made and effort to churn out a few other things but socks in Business casual were what really worked. I made asparagus colored ones and bonbon colored ones for myself. I made petrol ones for a co-worker who surprised me with yarn.

I made spring evening colored ones, pink ones and crazy colored ones. 6 kilometers per run and 6 pairs of Business casual made, something well-known that didn’t require thinking where the end result is the same every time. There is something very comfortable in that.

Pattern: Business casual by Tanis Lavallee. Yarn: Zauberball from Schoppel-wolle, colors 2310 Bunte Gasse and 2263 Monochrom, and Supersocke 4-fach Neon Color Two from ONline, color 01722.

Unexpected matching

Sometimes things work out even when you’ve not planned them to. It seems my project bag manages to match both the cardigan and my purse. A little unexpected but very nice.

We’re moving forward, me and the cardigan. This weekend has meant huge progress in the cardy department. I’m not sure if it’s visible but if you look at the fourth marker in the lower right corner, that’s how far I had knit when the cardy went into the freezer. The rest of it happened during the weekend. I have now set stitches aside for sleeves and fronts and I’m working on the back. That should slow me down though, it’s just back and forth in stockinette stitch for 16 centimeters. I know I’ve knit more than that on the body but that had decreases and increases and a cable pattern to keep me occupied. We’ll see but I really hope this knitting rush will last.


Me and the cardy are finally reunited again. We have been inseparable all weekend and I hope this lovely relationship will continue all of next week as well. It’s so pretty!?

For the love of gradients

I love pretty much all types of yarn. That is a lie. I love almost every yarn in natural fibres except linen. I’m also not very fond of single ply but I’m very partial towards merino. So I guess you can say that there is quite a small amount of yarn that I love (but the one I love, I love truly and deeply and it also happens to be the most expensive amount). In this rather small part of all the yarn there is in the World, there is one thing that intrigues me the more than anything else. No, it’s not the magic words discontinued or limited edition although they seem to throw a spell on me whenever I hear them (then it’s good that I know I don’t really like single ply or lace weight, because that helps me resist the spell).

No, it’s gradient. Gradients intrigue me to no end. They fascinate me, I dream of them, I love them. I find patterns for gradients and I buy them and read them and I plan and I think. But here’s the thing. I never dare to cast on. I don’t know why but I chicken out every time. There is always something more pressing, or I come up with other, more urgent projects like the birthday for a third cousin twice removed or something like that. Maybe the pressure is too high, what if the project doesn’t turn out as delicious as I hoped.

I even bought lace weight because the yarn was pink gradients and called Glinda. Then there was another gradient called Wicked and that one was in green. Can you imagine? I’ve loved Wicked the musical ever since I saw it on Broadway in 2014, it’s one of my best theatre experiences ever. I am Glinda and I’m best friends with Elphaba and of course I had to get this gradient. But what to make?

Till I can gather up the courage to wind and cast on I will just be happy to have them, small bonbons to love and cherish. To look at and pat and snuggle every now and then. To dream of and make plans for and maybe, one day, actually cast on.

Rainy day surprise

It’s been a very rainy day but I refuse to acknowledge it. Instead I keep wearing my summer dresses and laugh at the rain. However, did think this day to be appropriate to deliver a pair of socks and some chocolate to a dear one. Rain equals socks somehow and we all know I usually start thinking about socks in August.

I made these socks this spring (I know, weird, socks in the spring but this was a very weird spring indeed) and I really think the color looks like a spring evening and the pattern, Business casual as usual, never disappoint me. The socks have been delivered and the recipient, even though she has already gotten so many socks from me, looked very happy. It’s certainly her colors, and paired with the chocolate it was, in my opinion, really nice surprise gift. (Although I’m not sure how much of a surprise it can really be when she picked out the yarn herself even if it was back in March and even if it was a spur of the moment thing.)

Pattern: Business casual by Tanis Lavallee. Yarn: Zauberball from Schoppel-Wolle, color 2308 Smoking Area. No mods.

Magic 12 – check up

I have indeed finished the purple shawl. Or, since it’s so small, shawlette. It’s blocking and I can add another finished project to the list. Since I mentioned the Magic 12 yesterday, I started looking how I am doing on that front. To tell the truth, it’s bad. Really bad. If I’m going to look strictly at the rules, which states that I am to make at least 12 bigger projects (bigger projects include shawls and sweaters and garments, not accessories like cuffs, mitts and socks) for myself, it’s really bad. To this day, counting the purple shawlette, I have exactly three (3). Three shawls. That’s it. If I stretch the rules a bit and count all projects for me, it’s a little better, then I have seven (7). Or maybe 8, I haven’t decided yet. I made something for someone and now I’m thinking that someone doesn’t want that project and I’m not sure whether to keep the project for myself or not.

But yes, there it is and I need to plan accordingly. Tomorrow my purple cardigan will be out of quarantine in the freezer and also my MKAL shawl. I have another shawl that needs blocking and a border and the blocking is fine but the border is crochet and I’m not sure what to make since I don’t have a lot of yarn (this project was exciting in many ways, I got yarn from a co-worker and got to take a look at a shawl that it was supposed to turn out to, but I have no pattern so it’s all a little hit and miss. I managed to make the body of the shawl (knitting), but since I’m not really a crocheter, I don’t know how to attack the problem really. Well, I can always start with the blocking.).

So, I’m not giving up, I can do this, even though I might have to bend the rules a bit. I’m strong and powerful and the knitting goddess is with me! Knit on, knit strong!