Stash Dash 2017 pt. 3

Stash Dash 2017 is progressing nicely. I have filled more and more sections and I surprise myself with my previous yarn choices. I thought for sure I hade more DK weight than sport weight but so far, no. I also thought I had way more DK than worsted but again, no. Sure, I’m not yet done but the tendencies so far points to this conclusion. What you see in the picture is lace weight till worsted weight. Then I have a couple of other sections as well but they are not nearly as filled. It doesn’t look like there is much yarn in the shelves when looking at it like this so I’m glad I took pictures of it while it was out on the floor. I should really count it as well.

I must have had so many plans to knit sweaters in the past because I have enough yarn in the same color and same weight to knit several. I know that I’ve made commitments in the past to knit more sweaters but I didn’t know I actually bought so much yarn as well. I can make purple sweaters, pink ones, yellow ones, red ones, striped ones and so on. Maybe it’s time to actually get going on that, that would certainly free up some stash space. And I also need to remember that it’s okay to use stash yarn. It’s okay to use stash yarn. It’s okay to use stash yarn.

The floor is getting empty but there are still some skeins there that need to find their way to the stash. Some of them are without ballbands so for those I’ll just have to make a guess. That’s going to be interesting…