Stash Dash 2017 pt. 2

I’m continuing my re-organization. It’s now time to put the yarn back in their separate sections and it takes so much time! Some yarn I know which weight they are but for some I have to check on Ravelry to see what weight it is. I’m following the classification on Ravelry, I thought that was easiest.

 I have filled the lace and light fingering sections and most of the fingering sections and there are definitely holes in the piles I made yesterday but there is still a lot of yarn left. Most of it is DK and Sport I think but there is definitely quite a lot of worsted as well.  The yarn brand I own most of is Malabrigo , since I know which weight that is I have started to move all those skeins, and Rios has already filled an entire section and so has Sock as well. I don’t know where this will end but it’s nice.

The is one thing that I find crazy though. I don’t knit much in lace yarn, almost never actually and for that reason I don’t buy lace weight yarn. Nevertheless, it’s clear that I own a lot of lace weight yarn. I don’t know how that happened but I do. Apparently I need to knit in lace (or just never buy another skein of lace weight yarn) before the lace yarns spread to another section as well (which would be utterly ridiculous since I don’t knit much in lace weight). I think I like the latter idea best…