Thank goodness for gadgets

Look at it, lying there all innocent looking. It’s late in the evening and I thought I would just finish the row, take a quick picture, show you guys and then go to bed. Well, obviously this was the time when the knitting wanted to misbehave. It turns out, cables are weak little suckers. This shawl now contains close to 500 stitches. 500 stitches held together are heavy. Very heavy.

So heavy in fact that when I was shifting the stitches to move them forward on the cable, the cable broke! It broke! It’s true, it broke. Isn’t this exactly what you would expect of your knitting late at night, so misbehaving.

Luckily, thanks to stoppers, gadgets, an extra cable and some fumbling and, thank goodness, removable needles, I managed to fix it without having to tink or moving all the stitches one by one. All in all it turned out to be a fairly breezy problem but the horror, oh, the horror when it happened. Also, if anyone would suggest that knitting isn’t a craft that uses lots of gadgets, you’re wrong. We have tools and gadgets and whatchamightcallits and many other things, all to make things easier for us, and I’m so happy about this. Thanks to that I managed to fix my problem. It still took some time and effort but was much easier than it could have been.

Now, off to bed!