Light for dark

Today my friend Annelie came over for tea and knitting. Usually when we meet we try to take the opportunity to weave in ends and other types of finishing that are necessary but oh, so boring. Since seeing each other is so lovely, it takes the edge of the boring stuff. Annelie stayed true to form and wove in ends but I maintain the opinion that I need to get the actual knitting working before I have to deal with the more boring sides of it (which means that my backlog is getting huge on everything and that no project is ever getting finished).

Anyway, I continued with my mountain climber shawl and it has now started to move in weird directions. It will be very interesting to see where this is going but at least I’m happy about the shorter rows. I’m also getting second thoughts on the order of the colors now that I can see the stripes more clearly. I’m thinking the light grey and the dark grey should switch places. I am aware that this will make the over all sentiment of the shawl much lighter, which is not what I’m after, but as it is know, the shaw will end with the light grey and I don’t want that either. As Annelie pointed out, one rarely regrets a frogging but I’m also pretty sure that if I frog the project to start over, I won’t start over. I want this to be done, I don’t want to reknit it. It’s not that much left now so I will finish it and then make a decision. I might switch color at the edge or something, we’ll see.