There is something wrong here

I’m in trouble. I do not have my things together at all it seems. I was going to make a pair of mitts for a friend, because it seemed like a good idea, I thought she might need a pair. Then, when I was at the yarn store, I looked at the yarn and I couldn’t decide on a color. I had absolutely no idea what color my friend would like. I don’t know her favorite color, I don’t know what she usually wears, I have no clues to go by at all. So what did I do? I picked beige! Beige! BEIGE! How could this be? Beige! I picked beige because it seemed neutral enough but once I finally cast on it hit me. Beige! Am I out of my mind? What made me pick beige? I doubt my friend will like my mitts now that they are beige but I still don’t know what color to pick instead. I guess I could just continue with my mitts but… I don’t know! There is certainly something wrong with my knitting right now. I guess it will all take a while to sort out.

Beige though. Beige!?