Baby steps

I’m making progress. Not necessarily progress in my knitting projects but progress in my knitting nontheless. I have not yet felt the urge nor the energy to cast on something big, no shawls, no sweaters in sight, but I have gotten some plans for smaller projects like cuffs and mitts. I have plans and I have searched for patterns. I have yarn plans, they are not big nor elaborate but they are there.

The plans have not sprung out of need, nor out of finding a certain pattern or a certain yarn that I want to play with, no, I wanted to give knitted gifts and in order to do so, I need to knit them too. I figure that’s as good a start as anything, it doesn’t matter how I get back into my knitting as long as I do it. Small projects seem to be the answer and if an urge to knit gifts makes me knit, then that’s good.

These gifts are for people I have never knit for before and even though I think a handknit gift is the height of love I know that not all people see it that way. I just hope that these friends will like it because if they don’t, I’m afraid I might not want to continue with my knitting. Luckily Agnieszka wants a pair of wrist warmers and she always likes her knitted goods so I should be fine.

So, let’s worry about what the recipents will think later and for now just concentrate on the knitting at hand. Good plan!