A different kind of progress

I’m carefully optimistic, but let’s not look too deep into it, because I actually got a little knitting inspiration yesterday. I have a friend whom I’ve known of for many, many years, but who I’ve just started to get to know and she unexpectedly helped me the other day. A few words really but they were the right ones. It made me so happy and I felt was knitters feel when we are happy and grateful, we want to knit. I have bought the yarn (allready in balls so that I don’t have to wind), I have found the pattern. I haven’t┬ásearched for the needles yet, that might be an obstacle, and if this is as far as I go with this project, I don’t mind, it’s still good progress. However, should this mean that my mojo is back, I am forever grateful to my friend and I will knit her many, many things. From now on, any step taken will be huge progress and I have high hopes for it. I just haven’t decided when it’s time to actually cast on. That, though, is a question for another day.