Well, it was me, it was made and it’s May

I’ve been a bad blogger this month. I’m sorry about that. But all my time has been divided between work and studies and some work out to make the other two work… out I guess. I toyed with the idea to join Me Made May again but no, not this year. Or rather, I have some me made things, just not knitted ones. Today I handed in my Bachelor thesis, my French paper. It’s been a process and it’s been tough from time to time but it has also been very fun at the same time. It’s totally me made, and a huge work effort too, 30 pages in French, that’s not bad. I’m very proud and very happy about it, I think it turned out very well.

Other than that I’ve worked on my muscles and my cardio and they are me made as well. I’ve done good. But I have not knit. Or, I have not not knit but I haven’t knit much. I haven’t even been wearing much knitting. My biggest “accomplishment” in the knitting department is to lose one of my blue wrist warmers. As you hear, there is room for improvement but that’s a question for June. For now I’m going to enjoy my me made stuff and be happy about them. That’s all that matters.