Spring evenings

As the light returns so does my energy. It’s just so much easier to find the time and desire to do things when it’s not pitch black outside. I just really hope this will rub off on my thesis so that I get it done in time. It’s quite some time left till deadline but in thesis world there is always s huge black hole eating all the time so there is nothing left. The opposite of a black hole is a white hole and I hope that the lighter spring evenings will be able to fight off the black time eating hole at least long enough to öet me finish my thesis. We’ll see as the semester proceeds. It will also be interesting to see how many socks procrastination will give me in the end…

A whole book with just sock patterns

Today I was having coffee with a group of people and one was knitting socks (it wasn’t me, or, I was also knitting socks but there was another person doing it as well) and followed a pattern from a book. Someone else commented that it was strange having an entire book full of just sock patterns. I guess that’s how it must look like to people who don’t obsess over commit themselves to knitting. I mean, how many different types of socks could there really be? Well, if I only look to myself I have at least three books dedicated only to sock patterns which is not a lot but I do have a lot of single sock patterns as well, stored in my Ravelry library.

There are lace socks, socks with color work and cabled socks. There are plain vanilla ones and plain ones with a little twist. There are socks from heavy yarn and socks knit in lighter yarn. There are different heels, and toe-up and cuff-down socks, short socks and long socks and stockings. All socks have their different little quirk and even though I could churn out a decent sock without a pattern, it’s only because I’ve knit a lot of socks before so I know the basics. I also know I don’t like lace patterns on my feet but a cabled one is just adorable. I know what sock yarn I love the most and what doesn’t work at all and I know all this because I’ve knit a lot of different socks.

Since I started logging my knitting at Ravelry in 2010 I’ve made 38 pairs of socks (now, remember, I’m not usually an avid sock knitter but I’ve still managed to knit 38 pairs in less than seven years (compare it to the 80 shawls and cowls I’ve knit during the same period)) and I have three other pairs on the needles. I’m not really the one to search for sock patterns, I’ve knit plenty of vanilla socks and plenty of business casual socks and I’m happy with that but I’ve still managed to try out about 14 different patterns (not to mention the ones I didn’t finish) over the years which is an entire book all in itself. It adds up quickly. I guess that’s the magic about knitting, it happens. It happens, even if it doesn’t feel like it when you’ve knit on the same freaking sleeve for a million hours and it still only measures 18 cm. I totally understand that someone not as in tune with the knitting world as I am can be confused over the prospect of a sock pattern book but I’m surprised there aren’t more sock pattern books. There is so much knitting going on everywhere, socks are flying off the needles and it’s obvious – knitting happens. And we need the pattern books to help us throw all that magic into the world.

Now, where are my 2,5 mm double-pointed needles?

Just a little bit longer

My new socks are coming along nicely but it’s a good thing I know there will be some teal later on because that grey on the top, not my cup of tea at all. I was actually a bit embarrassed to take it out in public today, I don’t want anyone to think was working on such a dull knitting, that I would choose such a color. Well, the socks aren’t for me and I know that in just a few rows there will be a lovely teal coming and it looks so pretty against the grey. The answer is, as always, to knit more.

It arrived this year too

This has been a very weird week weatherwise. On Tuesday we woke up to a snowy world and today I met these beauties in flower bed. Two days ago they were not as big as they are now, they have really exploded.

There are even crocuses! Spring is here!

In search of a heel

Socks are flying over here. Socks are super quick and the perfect project. Stripey socks, heavy socks, light socks,business casual socks. Yesterday I started another pair while the asparagus and tooth paste socks will have to wait. I have plans for socks for friends and co-workers, people who help me a lot right now without even knowing it, they deserve socks.

These stripey ones are pretty but I did an afterthought heel in order to keep the stripes and an afterthought heel doesn’t really work for me. I’m not sure why but they just don’t fit very well. I need to find another type of heel but I’m not really sure where to start looking. Interesting problem, it’s going to be fun solving it.

Pattern: my own, I cast on 48 stitches and knit just as far as a student theater performance took me, and then knit for the foot till about an inch and a half less than my foot and then I did an afterthought heel. Yarn: Aurora from Viking of Norway, color 675. It pleases me to no end that they look alike.

Another sock

I’m sure this happens to you too. You know, when you have an encounter and you immediately know you need to cast on something. This happened to me today. I had an encounter and the words chocolate and birthday were thrown around and I just knew I had to knit something and since socks are the word of the season, socks it is. I went to the yarn store and I picked up a sock yarn that I’m sure this person will like and I also picked up new needles since I wanted to cast on right there and then. I obviously have needles but I got new ones so that I didn’t have to frog my tooth paste sock in order to free up needles. I really like these new red needles. So yes, more sock knitting.

Tooth paste?

Huh, I was knitting away (socks obviously) and started wondering about my knitting. Something about it made me think of my childhood and gave me a minty taste in my mouth. Then I realized, the color changes make it look like tooth paste! It’s the exact right red and blue for tooth paste. I’ll take that as a sign and go to bed immediately. Have a good night!

Inner knitter crisis – A little therapy is of need

My sock realization seems to have been an accurate one. Socks work and I’m sticking with it. Yesterday I forgot my knitting and I actually went back home to get it. It was the right decision, I couldn’t handle yesterday without a knitting. Yesterday I also told some non-knitters about this and they laughed at me. I don’t mind that, I know I can be a little crazy when it comes to knitting but I also know what works for me and that’s what I need to focus on. This led to more discussions about knitting: the yarn, the fiber, the needles, the projects, colors and blocking. It was nice to talk about it, they didn’t seem to judge me, and I know I have strong opinions about all those things (when it comes to me, others can do whatever rocks their boat, just don’t give me a moth eaten acrylic sweater on straight 2,5 mm needles that you want me to “fix” (yes, that has happened)) which usually seem to make non-knitters laugh a lot (I guess a strong and expressed preference for wooden circular needles in pretty colors with an interchangeable cable might be considered a little weird if you haven’t knit a stitch since needlework in middle school). The world of knitting is bigger than can be perceived at a first glance, that’s all I’m saying.

After the discussion, which made me realize how much I miss knitting, I felt a little wistful and little bit like a fraud. May I even have these strong opinions right now? I barely knit. So far this year I’ve knit a shawl, a baby sweater and three pairs of socks and of all of those, only the socks have had the ends vowen in and only two pairs of socks have been blocked. In my life and from my perspective, this isn’t a lot (I know, this might be huge for someone else and that’s fine, we have to see it from our own, different, perspectives and not compare ourselves to others). Last year I knit twice as much during the month of March than I’ve made so far in 2017 (granted March was a particularly good year last year). I know this is how it is and must be this spring but it still feels weird, a little bit like I’m losing a part of my identity.

The solution is obviously to knit more but since I don’t have that time I will continue to knit on my socks. I’m a sock knitter till June and that’s fine. I’m still a knitter and I’m allowed to call myself a knitter and I won’t let anyone tell me differently (not that I can imagine that anyone would but, you know). Socks are amazing and just knitting one is a wonder in itself (literally, I am amazed very time a turn a heel and it works, I wonder about the first person who did it, how did s/he figure it out?) and I could always do with some more socks. Dealing with all the other things – weaving in ends, blocking, pictures, sorting out the stash and the needle collection, find my notions bag and so on – will be a question for June.

Socks we go!

The answer is socks – who would have thought?

I’ve been gone forever and I’m so sorry about that. But I’ve had some busy days. I had a huge exam on Friday and almost no time to study and next week I’m supposed to hand in half of my BA thesis for a review so I’m also busy with that. The exam went okay, I think, so I’m glad to have that behind me.

I’ve also managed to realize what works for me knitwise this semester: socks! Who would have thought, it being spring and all. I’ve tried shawls and garments but it’s no good. I don’t have time nor energy to follow a chart or count, I don’t have time to block (which is really silly since some things go by really quickly) and I carry so many books all the time (yes, I feel a lot like Hermione) that a big project bag is out of the question. The answer, it turns out, is socks. They are small enough to fit in my purse together with the books and they go by quickly enough to make me feel like I’m making progress. They don’t require much thinking, the rounds are short, I don’t have to count much, self-striping yarn is interesting and so is the Business casual pattern, and I can easily fix mistakes since I know the pattern. I can bring them everywhere, to the movies, to the bar, to the gym, to work, to class, without worrying about not being able to knit should I get a chance. The only thing I need to pay attention to is wether I’m about to finish or not. So, from now on and till June, socks are my go-to project!

Forward to the past?

My newest knitting looks like straight from the 70’s. It’s not. It’s a simple sock and I cast it on about an hour ago. It looks like it will be a quick knit since I already have problems putting it down due to curiosity over the next color. There is teal coming up!