Today’s word is throwback in the #yarnlovechallenge and I give you this picture from last October when me and Agnieszka were in Nice, France. We sat down at a little café and managed to combine almost all of my favorite things: knitting, tea, chocolate, macarons, French language and Agnieszka herself of course.

This little piece of knitting resulted in a pair of mitts that Lyndsey got for Christmas together with a hat in the same yarn. I thought it fitting since I met Lyndsey while living in France more than a decade ago and now the yarn has been there before it went to her in the States.

I like mitts and socks with a clear pattern repeat, it means I don’t have to measure the knitting all the time and I can make sure both mitts or socks are the same lenght since they contain the same amount of rows (granted that I have actually held almost the same tension thoughout the knitting).

The hat was the same pattern as the one I made for Agnieszka. With the yarn held double I could use the same yarn as for the mitts which together created a nice ensemble.

Mitts pattern: Fountain Mitts by Andres Jurgrau. Hat pattern: Spring beret by Natalie Larson. Yarn: Drops Alpaca from Garnstudio, color 100 off white. No mods.


Currently wearing

So winter came back. It’s now snowy again and really slippery which I noticed first hand this morning. It’s fine though, I have a bruise on my right knee but that’s it. Since February is a winter month I think it’s just right that it’s snowy so I’m quite happy.

This also leads us in to today’s word in the #yarnlovechallenge. It’s currently wearing and I’m wearing hats, shawls ans mitts right now which is great. They might be a tad warm but they keep the wet from the snow to sneak down the back of my neck. Knitting still only happens on rare occasions but as I’ve mentioned before, I can at least wear my hand knits. That’s always something.

Fiber friends

Today’s word is fiber friends in the #yarnlovechallenge and I give you a picture of my LYS (Local Yarn Store). Here I’ve met a lot of fiber friends, some actually containing fiber like merino and wool and the likes, and some loving fiber. I’ve met fiber friends here and I’ve brought fiber friends here. I just spend quite a lot of time here. Today was my first visit in a long time though, since I’ve sort of decided to go on a little yarn diet, mostly due to lack of knitting time. Today I treated myself to a ball of spring colored sock yarn though, to celebrate Friday. I’m worth it!


Happy color

“No, Ina, you are not allowed to make out with my yarn” Jenny said today. Well, I say, don’t bring such delicious yarn in my way then. Today’s word is happy color in the #yarnlovechallenge and pink is my happy color. Always have been, always will be. As Elle Woods from Legally Blonde put it: Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed. I live by that.

But first, let me take a selfie

The irony that I missed yesterday’s word – progress – is not lost on me but today I can make up for it. Today’s word is sefie in the #yarnlovechallenge. Ever since I discovered Snapchat I take many selfies. It’s just so much fun with filters and everything. Therefore it wasn’t hard to find a selfie for the challenge. Second, I found this picture fitting since the only person who will ever have the power of peer pressure over me has introduced me to the world of lipstick lately and I love it. I experiment, I try different things, I mix, it’s so much fun. Also, just because I can’t knit much, hence the lack of progress, it doesn’t mean that I can’t wear knits that I’ve made before. Here I’m sporting my hat from last year and my shawl from a few years ago. Both are excellent for cold weather and it is winter after all. So, this selfie was a combination of many things and I’m quite happy to be able to show it on this particular theme.

(By the way, that’s totally not my make-up but that’s what filters are for.)


Travel projects

It’s February 11 (despite me thinking it was the 10th this morning when I booked the laundry room, that was a surprise this evening, let me tell you) and the word is travel projects in the #yarnlovechallenge. These were my to-go projects today, some lovely yarn and some books for my bachelor thesis. I didn’t have time to knit but I did study quite a lot.

Other than that I obviously bring my knitting on my travels. When I fly somewhere I try to have wooden needles and a cable that I can detach just in case. I have had metal needles on a plane as well but just in case someone doesn’t like the look of my cable needles I try to at least have wooden ones since I imagine they might be less offensive than metallic ones. The last time I flew there was a lady on the plane who came up to me and asked me if they had let me through security with my knitting needles. Well, since I was on the plane knitting the answer was quite obvious which made the question a bit weird. But in case someone is confused, yes, they did let me through security with my knitting needles, otherwise I wouldn’t knit on the plane.


Oldest stash

I had to look through the red shelf of my stash to find something for today’s word. It’s time for oldest stash in the #yarnlovechallenge. I have older yarn than this but that was all bought with a specific project in mind. I got this skein on a vacation in the summer of 2012 before I had really started to build my stash. It’s quite weird to imagine how much my stash has grown since, it started with a little skein (well, I actaully got about five different skeins or so during that vacation) and grew like weed. I got another skein just like this one and I made a shawl out of it two years ago. I doubt I will knit anything with this anytime soon but you never know.



Today’s word is tools in the #yarnlovechallenge. Since the most I have time for knitwise is simple projects without too much difficulties and I have absolutely no time for finishing the projects, like weaving in ends and block and such. The closest I get to a blocking mat is the gym mats where I do my crunches and stretch my muscles and that’s about it when it comes to knitting tools. My water bottles sees more action than I do since it accompanies me to the gym almost every day. My water bottle, my locker key and my gym card are the tools I use the most right now. And my project bag of course, since I bring one with me every day but rarely have a chance to open it. This will not be forever though but might be for a few more months. Bear with me.


Where I craft

So, day 8 in the #yarnlovechallenge is where I craft. This is where I craft, my couch corner. I craft at a lot of places, pretty much everywhere I am, but my couch corner is my homebase. A lovely pink corner with gorgeous cushions and curtains. Room for the legs and room for multiple knittings. My couch corner has everything and it’s one of my favorite places of all times.This is where I craft, drink tea, blog, watch TV, study and so much more. In fact, I’m going to sit here and knit now.