To make boring less boring

There is no nice way to say it. Weaving in ends is boring. Especially in lace projects. That’s why I so often put it off till the last minute. Tonight though, tonight it was perhaps not fun but at least acceptable, all thanks to my friend Annelie. We hade wine, we had tea, we talked and we laughed and weaving in ends went by much faster than it would have otherwise. Now two more projects can be put to rest and 2016 saw yet another two shawls finished. 

Thank you, Annelie, for a great evening!

Sales stategy

When I worked in a store we were told to commend the customer on their choice of purchase. Like if someone had picked out a table cloth, we were supposed to mention how pretty that table cloth was, to make the customer even happier with their choice. Even though I know this is a tactic from service staff it nevertheless works. I get very happy every time someone compliment me on my choices at the counter in a store, even though I know it’s a sales trick. I once bought Julle  sweater and the two guys behind the counter said the sweater was awesome and that they had a little fight about who should be the one to get it. I bought the sweater and was very happy with it (unfortunately Julle was not at that counter and is not as happy as me with that sweater so I guess I should just use it myself).

When I picked out the yarn for my December MKAL at my local yarn store, I had a hard time deciding on the colors. I went back and forth and tried to be smart, considering my wardrobe and the season and everything. I finally picked out two colors that I thought matched well enough. I got the yarn up to the counter and the staff all praised my color choices. If I wasn’t sure about the yarn before, I sure was after that. Now, as my project unfolds, I get happier and happier with it. There aren’t many rows left but they are long so I might not finish before New Year’s. That’s okay though, I mean, the colors will look good next week too.

Blocking around the Christmas tree

Things are moving forward here. I’ve blocked a few things but still have ends to weave in. I’ve written a few sentences which is not much but at least something. I hope to finish my current shawl before New Year’s as well, to settle this year’s knits. This particular shawl, the one in the picture, was this year’s last MKAL (from Wild Prairie Knits) and I like having the MKALs finished before new ones starts. Sunday is the day for the next MKAL, the first in 2017. One at a time, so to speak. The next one is pink!

Eat, sleep, knit, repeat

Christmas holiday and I really should study but I procrastinating and all I really want to do is knit. I want to finish things, cast on something new and make as much as possible before the next semester starts. Stitch after stitch, eat, sleep, knit, repeat. And a little workout here and there. But starting tomorrow I will have to do something about that final paper. After I’ve made some stitches in the morning. Some writing, some knitting, that will work out well. Eat, sleep, knit, write, repeat? It just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Oh well, the sooner I get done with the paper, the more I can knit. So eat, sleep, write, repeat? Well, that’s just not happening, there will be knitting. And preferably some writing too.


Romancing the knitter

Part two of my Christmas plan is a go. The first plan was to knit and the second was to read. The knitting part is moving steadily forward and I’ve made a lot of progress these past two days. Now I’ve also gotten an amazing book for Christmas, one that I’m really looking forward to read. I’ve read many books by Gail Carrriger and I think this will be just as good as the other ones, or maybe even better. My expectations are huge and I just hope the book will be able to meet them. I mean, it’s steampunk, what can go wrong?


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! I’m knitting in front of the Christmas tre and a Christmas movie. The knitting is an MKAL where all the clues have already been released so it’s very comfortable. I have a ton of great new Christmas books and I look forward to two weeks of knitting and reading (and a teeny tiny paper due soon) and sleeping. 

I hope you all have a great holiday!

I’m surprised myself

wpid-dsc_8908.jpg Despite this fall being the busiest ever, I was actually able to go on with my plan, to have everything in order before Christmas and to sit and drink whiskey on December 23, knitting for myself. Earlier this week I thought “good enough” as I wrapped the last of my Christmas gifts. Wednesday was a horrible day in many ways but yesterday evening I had one of the best workouts ever and the energy and endorphines from that made me tidy and vacuum the entire apartment today and also put up the Christmas tree (not to self for next year: get more colored and golden glass baubles as the tree is almost exclusively white and red right now) and change the curtains. This was a bit of a surprise, I had not expected that, but still, here I am, on the evening of December 23, knitting for me and all the rest is finished. I’m not drinking whiskey though, as I’m driving tomorrow, but I am feeling very smug about being done with it all. And I have a tree up!

My brain needs to come back now


That absent brain of mine made me forget my knitting yesterday. Can you imagine? I forgot my knitting. That has never happened before. I was going to a coffee shop with some knitter friends and I had no knitting. It was insane and I had no idea what to do with my hands. One of my friends took out her knitting and I was so close to just ripping it out of her hands and knit on it myself. Luckily my other knitter friend had a spare skein of yarn with her that I got to hold in my hands and pet it. It was the softest merino and I know I need to pick up some merino soon. If I don’t, who knows whose knitting I might try to steel next.

Whiskey week


So here we are. Christmas week. Not everything is in order but all the knitting is and all the Christmas gifts which is all that matters. Even my knitting magazine is telling me that it’s time for whiskey and I intend to obey. The Knitting Goddess has spoken and who am I to question her? I actually should cast on a sweater too but I will continue with my shawls for now. Let the calmness of Christmas settle.

Stuff the stuffing


In case any of you have wondered what happened to the stuffing from last week, when I accidentally forgot to add my address when I filled in the order, I’m happy to inform you that it arrived safe and sound only two days later. We have gotten acquainted and have developed a mutual respect for each other. The brain is still somewhat absent but it looks like it might be coming back eventually. My whiskey plan is in progress and the Christmas knitting is actually done. There is still some wrapping to do and some major cleaning and such but I’m growing more and more positive towards putting the tree up. There might be a Christmas this year after all and I am carefully optimistic.