Me and linen, not really a love story


I think me and linen have taken care of our relationship after this summer. I have knit two garments in linen and although me and linen won’t ever be more than civil, I don’t hate it with a passion anymore. I wasn’t angry the entire time I knit these two tank tops and I think me and linen has finally made amends. This doesn’t mean that I will search for an opportunity to knit in linen but perhaps I won’t refrain from it.


This summer resulted in two garments that are actually wearable, which I think was very decent of the linen. Not like the last time I did it and ended up with an admitedly pretty sweater but very difficult to wear. That might be due to the design rather than the fibre but the linen did nothing to help. This time it worked better and the tank tops have been worn and will most certainly be worn again.

Now, pass me the merino, please.

Pattern: Solan from Yllotyll. Yarn: Tunna Lin from Yllotyll, color 60 Olivgrön (Olive green). No mods.