Hands and feet (foot?)


Last week I talked about my plans hopes for this week, a week that must have felt like an ocean of time because in retrospect, I had very ambtious plans for this week. I wanted the wristwarmers to be done, and sure, that was a reasonable expectation since I only had half of the second one left. I also hoped to have my MKAL finished and also the socks. Now, the socks, that really wasn’t reasonable at all but you never know with socks, sometimes they fly by like the wind and sometimes they take forever. This time they flew at a reasonable speed and I have one finished and I hope to turn the heel on the second one tonight (that might be ambitious too). the wristwarmers are finished, blocked and ends woven in except one that I’m going to use when sewing on buttons. So, buttons needs to be added before they are completely finished. The MKAL is blocking but I need to weave in the ends on that one (so many ends…). All in all, if you are the-glass-half-filled kind of girl, it’s been a good week and I nearly finished what I had set out to do.

Tomorrow I hope to wind yarn for a new project, I was going to do that tonight but between laundry and a really hard core work out I just don’t have the energy. My back grunted when I bent forward to fill the laundry machine so I think a calm evening knittingĀ on the couch is just what the doctor ordered.