Deliciously decadent


Earlier this morning I finished my MKAL and now, all I have on the needles is a sock. Somehow it feels very decadent to knit on this sock at home and to not have a bigger project to attend to. Aren’t socks onl for when I leave the house? Sure, there are ends to weave in and projects to block and other useful things to do but I’ll take care of that tomorrow. It’s Saturday and I’m just going to sit here, delicously frivolous and knit on my sock. I’m not sure why a sock feels decadent, it just does. Maybe it’s because I’ve knit a lot of big projects lately that a small one seems frivolous and maybe it’s because the sock is for me and not on a deadline or anything, it’s simply pure pleasure. Is that really allowed? (Hint, yes of course it is!) It makes me think of my grandmother who enjoyed reading a lot, but reading wasn’t considered productive enough so she usually had her knitting close by so that, if she saw someone, anyone, coming through the garden gate, she could put the book down, grab her knitting and pretend she was being useful and productive when the visitor entered the kitchen. (Compare that to today when it’s probably the opposite, reading is considered productive, an entertainment that means something, whereas knitting is sometimes considered unproductive and a little dumb – why knit when you can buy much cheaper clothes in the stores.) I guess my sock is the equivalent to my grandmother’s book, except I’m not going to pick up my tapestry needle if someone comes in the room. Me and my sock are going to have a lovely day!