It might be that I want more socks


I’m not the only one knitting socks right now. Christine is making socks as well and they look lovely. She uses left-over yarn to make them and that got me thinking about the stash (I often think of my stash, several times a day actually) and how it’s organized. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s divided into color and then weight for the most popular colors, which are red, pink, purple, blue and green which each have their own spots. Those colors are then divided into lace and fingering weight on one shelf and sport, DK and heavier weights on another shelf. Yellow has one shelf in total and so does the black and white span, including grey. Brown has it’s own shelf too. Then I’ve tried to give left-overs their own shelves divided by color but there are some sharing there. Then, in the lower shelves I’ve put all my project bags, yarn kits that I don’t want to split into different shelves, things I’m not sure what to do with and so on. It’s a bit of a mess really, those lower shelves.

I can’t throw away any yarn, you never know when you need two meters of something. Left-over socks would be ideal but due to my system it’s impossible to find yarn in different colors without turning half the stash upside down. Maybe I should re-organize and sort by yarn brand instead, that would be easier when I want to find yarn that could work together for something striped or, as mentioned above, to take care of the left-overs. That sounds kind of awesome. The downside is that it won’t be as artistic as it is now. I like when things are sorted by color. My bookcases are sorted by for example. I guess the only reasonable thing to do is to do a little bit of both. Yarns that I have a lot of, like Drops Muskat, should go together on their own spot on the lower shelves, whereas yarn where I only have a skein or two could be divided by color on the top shelves. Left-overs could be divided by weight instead of color. This might work but it’s a huge task that will take forever and I’m not sure I have the time right now. A pair of left-over socks would be nice though.