You know I’m all about those socks

Still thinking of socks over here. I looked through my stash yesterday, especially the new editions from this summer, and a few things are very clear to me.

1. I need to knit more in pink. The designated spots for pink yarn is overflowed and the pink has now spread to the purple section. We can’t have that. I need to tame that part of the stash and start knitting pink.

2. The socks that I will hopefully cast on this weekend will not be pink. Instead they will be an interesting mixture of green and blue together with brown and red. Or at least that’s how it looks right now.

3. There might be another pair of socks in pipeline and that pair will be pink.

4. The yarn for these next pair of socks has recently been purchased, has not yet arrived and is therefore not yet part of the stash.

5. See #1 again and repeat.

This list is by no means an indication that my stash is getting too big or out of hand. No, it’s perfectly reasonable. Just listen to the song and know that by body we are talking about the yarn body, aka The Stash.

6. Although the pink section is totally perfect as it is, if you do have any suggestions for projects that would look awesome in pink, please let me know.