The geranium experiment


That I have a love for geraniums is not a secret. I like them a lot and I like that they seem to like me. Or at least, that I can bring at least some parts of them back to life even when the rest have dried up. I like having them, I like when they survive. I also like that they seem to survive even though I don’t give them as much love as they might deserve. When a geranium shows signs of dying on me, I pick a sprout and put it in a glass of water. When I feel like it I then plant it in a flowerpot and I have a new geranium going. What I like is that they seem to thrive in the glass of water, they even bloom in there. I started with two geraniums two years ago and they didn’t like it in the kitchen so I picked a sprout, put it in water and worked from there. This has resultet in a lot of geraniums since and I have started to plant several sprouts in one pot just to not be overflowed with geraniums (because I can’t stand throwing away a live sprout, so I pick them all) and because before they grew way too tall without being lush enough (yep, I have preferences in how my geraniums look). Right now I have three pots of geraniums, one pot with just one geranium, one big pot that comes from two sprouts and since that worked out, I have now planted several sprouts in a third pot (I know it’s late in the summer but this is when I felt like planting them). It will be interesting to see how they like it.

I have not yet gotten a summer geranium from the balcony to thrive indoors in the fall though, but I can live with that.