To let go

Photo by Emma.

Finishing a project always gives a feeling of closure and satisfaction. It’s a very nice feeling, a loose end that’s been tied up, literally. When the knitting is done it usually feels like the project is done and I often move on to other projects, but it’s there in the back of my head, chafing. Not until it’s blocked and the last end is woven in I can really let go. Therefore it was very unsatisfying that I had to leave Emma’s place before the wristwarmers were finished. They were done in every aspect but for drying when I left. Today though I got a picture of the recipient wearing them and I could finally close that chapter, mark them as finished on my Ravelry page and move on. They look like they might have turned out at little too big but I’ve decided not to care. It’s not like I can do anything about it now anyway and therefore I will leave them to fulfill their purpose as protector of wrists. I believe they will be good at that.

Pattern: Gerda Hildur by Birgitta Adolfsson. Yarn: Mandarin Petit from Sandnes, color 1001.