A puzzle of a puzzle


Today is August 1, 2016 and it marks our first wedding anniversay. We’ve had a calm day, after a busy first year,¬†and I got a gift. I’m a knitter but I also do enjoy a puzzle, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a crossword one (or a cross-stitch one) or a jigsaw or a detective story. I guess it doesn’t come as much of a surprise, after all knitting is sort of a puzzle as well, adding stitch to stitch to form a bigger picture. Today’s gift was a little meta in that way, having one puzzle portraying another one and in that way it combines knitting and jigsaw puzzles in a most endearing way.


I have started and it goes well so far but for one little problem. The picture is so clear I’m not sure whether I should knit it or continue assembling the pieces. It also increases my desire to knit so I guess for the next few days I have to divide my attention carefully between the puzzle and the knitting. We’ll see which gets done first.