The importance of details

Rainy Day Mitts 1

It’s interesting how much is in the details. It’s sometimes the difference between failure and success, between beauty and mess, between thoughtfulness and indifference. I’m very good with details. I think of them, I take care of them, I fight for them when others think I’m being ridiculous. Sometimes the details are too… detailed, like with the sweater I knit for my nephew. Some of the details are cute, like the big red button at the bottom. Some of them were just unnuecessary work, like the stitches that were supposed to look like seams on this otherwise seamless sweater (I really like seamless things in case that has been unclear before).

Rainy Day Mitts 3

Sometimes even I, the master of details, am thinking of letting go of the details though. When I knit these fingerless mitts I played with the idea to skip the flap and the button. I thought it unnecessary. But then I thought the mitts would look a little boring and plain if I left out the button and so I moved forward.

Rainy Day Mitts 2

Now I’m really glad I did because that button make the entire difference. Not only is it pretty and builds character to these otherwise fairly plain mitts, but it also helps with the fit since you can adjust how tight you want the mitts to be around your wrist. It’s the perfect detail and, as decorative buttons usually do (once I’ve taken the trouble to actually sew them on), charms me to no end. I will probably make these knits again. After all, Christmas is coming.

Rainy Day Mitts 4

Pattern: Rainy Day Mitts by Allison Lawler. Yarn: Loden from Gepard Garn, color 816. No mods.

Looks definitely isn’t all


I have found a problem. Earlier this summer we ran into this yarn and since the color is lovely we got some. However, I’m not sure how to handle it. It was supposed to be a triangular shawl but increases seem difficult, yarn overs look weird and I’m not sure which needle size is good. I was going to knit in garter stitch but it seems from the projects on ravelry that most people have knit in stockinette stitch. I’ve mostly seen it knit into hats though. I’m not sure what to do. Maybe a triangular shawl is not the best and I should opt for a rectangular one instead? Oh, so many questions. I’ll try some different things and then I’ll just pick the best one in the end.

I might have to buy new needles too.

Me and linen, not really a love story


I think me and linen have taken care of our relationship after this summer. I have knit two garments in linen and although me and linen won’t ever be more than civil, I don’t hate it with a passion anymore. I wasn’t angry the entire time I knit these two tank tops and I think me and linen has finally made amends. This doesn’t mean that I will search for an opportunity to knit in linen but perhaps I won’t refrain from it.


This summer resulted in two garments that are actually wearable, which I think was very decent of the linen. Not like the last time I did it and ended up with an admitedly pretty sweater but very difficult to wear. That might be due to the design rather than the fibre but the linen did nothing to help. This time it worked better and the tank tops have been worn and will most certainly be worn again.

Now, pass me the merino, please.

Pattern: Solan from Yllotyll. Yarn: Tunna Lin from Yllotyll, color 60 Olivgrön (Olive green). No mods.

Life’s spice?

A day filled with contrasts, or variations. Or not just a day but a weekend so far. Yesterday, straight after work, the bobbin lace guild’s board members put together the laces for today’s lace exhibition opening. It wad exhausting and took a long time but the end result was lovely. This morning I went for two workout classes and then to the opening of the exhibition. From sweat to lace, so to speak. Then Julle helped a stranger with his printer (yes, I married a very kind man) and I left for dinner with friends who are also gamers which was one if the topics for discussion. Sweat, lace, game. I hope tomorrow will be calmer because this is just crazy, even though it’s in a very good way.

Autumn song

Today has been a very warm day but I missed most of the heat due to preparations for the bobbin lace guild. When we went home late in the evening it was still warmbut very windy and leaves were blowing around and I  couldn’t help thinking fall is coming. It’s like line in the song above, “Now there is a storm outside, closing the summer’s door”. It’s been a good summer, and I would have liked to enjoy today’s heat but I think I’m ready and I think it will be a good autumn.

Inspiring but insane


Last week I mentioned that Christmas is coming and we’d better prepare. I have started by borrowing a book with Christmas inspired knitting patterns. 55 knitting patterns and they all look very pretty if perhaps a little overly and unnecessarily complicated. I’ll let you know more when I’ve knit something from it. All in all, a pretty book. There is just one thing though. The authors, who has written a bok with Christmas inspired knitting patterns, advice not to knit on Christmas Eve. Are they insane? A day without knitting is a bad day, why would I want Christmas Eve, of all days, to be a bad day? Christmas Eve is reward knitting time, all the gifts are done and I can finally knit on whatever my heart desires. And they tell me not to knit? Clearly I need to take what they say with a pinch of salt.

Pft, not knit on Christmas Eve, pft!

Cheering me on


I’ve been working out a lot this summer. Knitting and working out. A small little goal I’ve had is to be able to run 10 kilometers. I did it without blinking six years ago but since then I haven’t been running a lot at all but this summer was it, I thought. Today it happened. The weather was perfect, I got a little friend or cheerleader (a very uninterested cheerleader too) as you can see in the picture, I was slow as a snail and my legs hurt and were so stiff by the time I had finished. But I did it and now it’s done. I need to lay down now.

The best part? I could snuggle up on my couch in my new socks when I got back home.

Maybe if I add chocolate to the process?


I’m sure you don’t believe me when I tell you this, considering how much I actually knit (or, if you’ve been reading the blog the past few days it might not come as a surprise to you at all), but lately I’ve really had a hard time coming up with ideas on what to knit. Or, coming up with projects that I actually cast on. This is unusual even to me.


It used to be that as soon as I cast off something I immediately picked up a new project an went on. I had so many Projects in pipeline that it was almost (but just almost) too much and I always seemed to have the right yarn lying around, or something close enough. That’s why I keep a stash, so that I always have some yarn in the house when I feel an urge to cast on a baby sweater at 2 pm on Christmas Day. I’m not sure I can do that right now (well, I probably could, I still have all the materials, but it would involve so much more effort).


Now I almost dread the end of a project because I have no idea what to pick up next. I get an idea and then I toss it because there is something wrong somewhere. I might not find the right yarn or the right pattern and nothing tempts me and everything is too difficult to pull off.


I think it’s a question about time. I dont have much time and more than that, I don’t feel like I have the time. There are just too many steps in finding something to knit. There is winding yarn, something that requires a smaller refurnishing as I don’t have an easily accessible place to put neither swift nor ball winder. There is also picking a pattern and that’s just not so easy as it sounds, I’m getting pickier and pickier it seems. I have demands on how it’s written and it’s just hard to tempt me right now. Once that is taken care of there is finding the needles for the project. I really should do something about the way I organize my needles but I just simply can’t figure out a system that would work. Any suggestions you might have in that area are more than welcome.


This is all becoming ridiculous. I have the yarn for a great shawl pattern that I know will be perfect but there is something that stops me from casting on. What it comes down to, I think, is that I’m just too stressed out to take in something new, like a complicated pattern. It’s not a question about time, it’s about stress. I need simple patterns, or rather, simply written patterns, right now. I’m not sure what to do with this insight, nor how to solve the issue but I’m glad I’ve figured it out. Now at least I have something to work with.


Pattern: Vacillate by Cindy Garland. Yarn: Stunning Superwash from Stunning String Studio, colors Charcoal, Cotton Candy, Natural, Dutch Coral, Fog, Linen, Dove, Petal Pink, Yellow Pear. Oh, so pretty!

I hope this is the last one


I’m sure you are sick and tired of looking at this sock right now but it’s all I have on the needles right now. I’ve highly underestimated the time it takes to knit them and how much knitting time I actually have now that summer vacation is over. I didn’t turn the heel yesterday but I was almost finished with the heel flap when I called it a night and now the gusset is done and the foot awaits. So, sock it is a little while longer.