No bang


I had high hopes to go out with a bang. I was splurging with lovely shawls, one more elegant the the other. I had finished my May shawl and I was going to wear it today, the last day of May. I was, as I said, going out with a bang for Me Made May ’16. But no. I caught a cold this weekend and here I am, not showing off my new shawl but propped up on the couch, drinking tea and feeling a bit sorry for myself. It’s been a beautiful day outside but I’m confined to the couch. I’m really okay, I just need a bit of rest to get rid of it. The point is that my new shawl has to wait and instead I’ve put on a pair of old socks that no longer has any heels. They are still pretty though, as long as you don’t look too closely, and they fill their purpose. Now we’re going to rest, my socks and me.