I can’t believe I can still be this silly


As you know, I knit. I knit a lot and I knit everywhere. What you might not know is that I think a lot about what is appropriate or not. I realize that not everyone understands that me knitting is a constant, it’s not a sign that I’m bored or that I don’t care but I worry people don’t see it that way. Sometimes it definitely isn’t appropriate to knit but it’s usually fine in more situations than one might think.

Yesterday I was at a conference, a conference for bloggers. Although I myself am a blogger I felt self-conscious. My blog is not about fashion or a hip life style or makeup or hairstyles or food or something equally cool. I find my blog amazing, I love it, but I know that not everyone understands the wonders of knitting. I know some people find it dorky and not cool at all. Before the conference I wondered if it would be appropriate to knit and what others, the cool blogging people, would think if me. Then it hit me (and I’m a little embarassed it took me this long to get it, I will never be this self-conscious again), of course I could knit at a blogging conference. It’s probably the best place for a knitter like me. Why, you ask. Well…


I run a KNITTING blog, for crying out loud! (I knit through the entire conference, it seemed I was the only knitter there and it was obvious to anyone what my blog was about. No one looked down at me and some people even came up and talked to me because of the knitting (which I should have known, I’ve never seen a better icebreaker than knitting). I will never doubt the knitting again and I’ve made amence today by blocking no less than two shawls.)