Under pressure


I have a problem finding out what to knit. How is this possible, you ask. Wasn’t she the one worrying, no less than five days ago, about not being able to finish a shawl before the end of May? Well, that is correct. But things have changed a bit. Or rather, I have knit too much (although there is no such thing). I finished the lilac shawl on Monday and I immeadiately cast on a new shawl, this time for me. I took every opportunity to knit on it, coffee breaks, in between scenes at theatre rehearsal, board meetings and such. I spent the evenings knitting on my MKAL but since this has been a week where I’ve been more out and about than at home, the new shawl has made much more progress than the MKAL.

The thing is that the shawl is about 28 ridges from being done and it’s cotton and it’s huge. And heavy! And I have just realized that I will have about ten hours of knitting time tomorrow. Ten hours when I can make a lot of progress but when I’m not in any proximity at all to my stash. This means I need enough yarn with me to last me those ten hours. And the shawl is a maximum three hours away from being done. Add weaving in the ends and it’s an extra half hour (if I’m slacking). That means six and a half hours left. Not to mention a very heavy almost-finished-ready-to-block shawl that I will have to carry around. That is not an optimal situation. The MKAL is too complicated to bring and it has beads so that one is confined to the corner of the couch.

So, what am I going to do? Shall I bring the shawl anyway and when it’s finished I’ll cast on a pair of socks or something else that is equally small? Shall I bring a totally new project? What project should that be? I have many shawls in pipeline but will any of them be good for this? And, I can’t just pick something for tomorrow, it needs to be something that I will like and continue on even after tomorrow. It also needs to be something that is okay to bring, no beads, no complicated lace, preferably a pattern I already know so there are no unwelcome surprises (such as “put stitches on stitchs holder or contrasting yarn” and you have neither with you, or “change to bigger needles” when all you have is a needle size 2,5 mm) and so that I don’t have to look at the pattern all the time, but it can’t be so familiar it’s boring either. There are a lot of pressure on a project like this and I will spend the evening figuring it out. I’ll let you know.