Another story about picking the right yarn


This past weekend was truly a weekend of parties. On Sunday we went to a birthday party because a young friend of mine turned one. I find this vest adorable and very distinguished and therefore I decided to make one as a birthday gift.



The last time I made Junior I used a yarn that had a little bit of a halo and even though it turned out nice, the stitches weren’t all that well defined. This time I used the same yarn the pattern stated, which is not as heavy and the other one, and I don’t know if the pattern is more visible but the garment as a whole feels more sturdy.


My favorite part is still the pockets. One of them turned out better and more straight than the other but this vest is home made after all and the pockets are too shallow to hold anything anyway. They do add a little something extra to garment as a whole.


I couldn’t decide on the buttons so I picked both owls and sheep and alternated. I think they look quite cute.


Pattern: B21-8 Junior from Garnstudio. Yarn: Drops Baby Merino from Garnstudio, color 43 light sea green.