But what about the shawl?


Today I wore my White Queen Stole for Me Made May. We were at an outdoor birthday party and it was sunny and sometimes a tad hot with a woolen shawl. I had planned this month so that I could wear the more fancy shawls to parties, of which I’m greatful. It made things easier, not to have to pick a random pair of mismatched wristwarmers when you are heading out in a fancy dress.


In my pledge I also stated that I will make myself a shawl in May. Then I got three tight knitting deadlines and now here I am with a week left of May and no shawl. I’m trying to finish the last clues of the current MKAL but that one started in April so I’m not sure it counts. Maybe another cotton shawl would be an idea. I’ve looked through my colors and I think a blue one might be something. Now I just have to knit too…