Keeping track

It’s getting harder to keep track of what I’m wearing for Me Made May but I actaully have it all covered. I thought I might have lost May 11 but it was noted in the blog post of May 12, luckily. Since I haven’t reported on my wearings since then, here is an update of the past week.


May 13 I wore my June Afternoon, the cowl I’ve designed myself.

May 14 I had an exam and was worried it might be cold in the big hall where we all wrote exams so I put on my Rococo shawl. It was nice and cozy with that on (and I did very well on the exam as well).

May 15 I’m pretty sure I wore my Windward, it seems plausible. I spent most of the day on my couch but went to the gym later in the evening and wore the Windward.

May 16 was my chic lit jacket day, as I’ve already reported on.

May 17 I dug out my Sonar.


My 18 I found my Kofta med fläta på tvären that I knit sometime in 2008. The picture is taken late at night, that’s why it’s so blurry. I’ll try to wear this one more, it’s very pretty and the wristwarmers from last week were made to match this cardigan with a grey dress.


Inspired by the blue cardigan, I put on my Rosa dröm on May 19. It’s a tricky sweater to wear because it’s hard to find something to wear underneath.


Last night, May 20, I was at a party and me and my Current, well, we didn’t dance all night but we sure had a great time together. Also, my hair looks awesome!


Today, May 21, has been a day of logistics and I dressed thereafter. Nothing fancy (which I later regretted when I realized I was invited to a lovely afternoon tea and I felt decidedly underdressed), just a grey top and a pink scarf. I put on a pair of pink wristwarmers to match the scarf (and I realized again that I need a pair of pink fingerless mitts as well). These are my princess cuffs though, with my monogram on them. Or at least the monogram that a friend draw for me about ten years ago. I converted the drawing into a beaded picture and put it on the cuff. They are quite pretty but I guess I might be the only one who can actually see the monogram. On the other hand, it doesn’t really matter if no one else can.