Perfect planning?


Right now, right now it seems like everything might actually come together. This week is meticulously planned in every litte detail. The logistics are heavy and nothing can be forgotten. The baby vest is blocking and so are the wristwarmers. The latter will be photographed tomorrow evening and then wrapped up and given away. The baby vest will be sewn together on Saturday evening. The presentation due tomorrow is almost finished but I have decided to wrap it up tomorrow instead of tonight as planned. It’s too late and I’m much more energized and spot on in the morning than in the evening. Saturday is an important day as well but there is not much to prepare for that, I just need to wake up in time.

Since all my knitting deadlines are mostly met I deserve an evening together with my lilac shawl. We have developed a long distance relationship since I’ve been working on other stuff but my thoughts have always been with the shawl. Tonight we will have a brief encounter again and I plan on making the most out of it. Literally.