The Chic Lit Chanel Jacket


The day has been grey and rainy but I don’t really mind rain when the trees are green and there are flowers round. It alo gave me a chance to wear my chic lit Chanel jacket. I like it more and more and I find it very elegant. It’s quite hard to take pictures of a jacket you are wearing yourself so most of my pics are on the dummy. The jacket is way too big for the dummy but rest assured it looks better on.


The stitch pattern is pretty but it really took forever to make this. Almost three years. My persistence back in 2013 wasn’t very good and once the body and a little more than half a sleeve was done, so was I. Then I didn’t pick it up again until this February. It didn’t take long to finish both sleeves and then it took forever to put it together, seams and buttons and so on.


Personally I’ve always thought of it as the Chic Lit Jacket but “chic lit” aren’t words that are easily understood when uttered in a Swedish sentence so to make it easier I’ve simply called it the Chanel jacket.


The little fake pocket is my favorite detail I think. Together with the buttons it really dots the i. I’m really glad I finished it and I think we will have many great times together in the future.


Pattern: Jacket with Contrasting Edging by Sirdar Spinning Ltd. Yarn: Drops Baby Alpaca Silk from Garnstudio, colors 1101 white and 3125 light pink. Mods: knit the back and front pieces in one piece instead of multiple up until the armholes. Worked out pretty well, I must say.