I’m sure I just held it in my hands


When you knit something very quickly it’s easy to, when it’s all over, end up thinking “what happened, was it really true”. It’s lucky I document all my projects here and on Ravelry because some of them I don’t even remember making (that’s a lie but I probably would forget them easier if I didn’t take pictues of them first, remember what I said yesterday about the time before Ravelry?). I suspect this will be one of those projects.


It all happened so fast. It was Wednesday and as usual I went to zumba class. During class it became clear that I needed to knit a shawl and it needed på be teal. I Went to my LYS immeadiately afterwards and scored some great things, and I didn’t even put them in the freezer afterwards (at least not the balls I used (I might have gotten some other things too) but it was cotton so not as critical as wool. Disclaimer: I put ALL my yarn purchases in the freezer for a week, this has nothing to do with my thoughts on the moths status in the yarn store and I highly doubt I have ever cought anything and maybe it’s ridiculous and unnecessary but I do have a huge stash and I don’t want any non-invited guests and it’s such a cheap insurance to make a habit of putting any additions in the freezer before it’s going in the stash). Instead I cast on as soon as I got home.


I had bobbin lace class on Wednesday evening but other than that, I knit. I knit all of Thursday (we had a long weekend so I had Thursday and Friday off) except for an hour or two of studying and another hour for working out. On Thursday evening it became clear that I was going to run out of main color yarn. This meant another trip to the yarn store on Friday, before doing laundry, and I got more yarn of each color, just to be on the safe side (which was lucky, it later turned out) and I might also have gotten enough yarn for another shawl as well, or two. Or three. It’s just, the colors are so seducing!


Then I knit and knit and knit for the rest of the weekend whenever I had a chance. My 2nd contrasting color also needed more than two balls so it was good that I had gotten some more. Around lunch time on Sunday it was done and I wove in the ends and got it blocked in the afternoon, but still made it to pre-workout froyo with Agnieszka. In the evening I started a new one.


Monday it was dry and yesterday I took pictures and today it met its new owner. The shawl was a big part of my life for a week and now it’s gone I’m standing here wondering what really happened. The recipient was very happy with it though so I’m very pleased that something that I loved so much will be equally loved by someone else. It’s one of the best feelings in the world.


Pattern: Pirate’s Cove by Threebagsfulled. Yarn: Drops Muskat from Garnstudio, colors 61 light beige, 24 medium grey and 74 petrol. No mods except that I accidentally made one extra repeat of the lace pattern.