There was a time before Ravelry


Another beautiful day. I picked out all my wristwarmers to see of which ones I could actually find a full pair. There was a time in my life when I wore wristwarmers every day with every single outfit and I had plenty. These days though, I have no idea where they have gone. I could find about four or five pairs which, considering how things were seven years ago, is like nothing. I picked a pair to wear today, gray with beads, and it was way too hot for tchem. These last few days have been incredibly warm and I found lilacs today. I have suspected the bird cherries are already blooming but I haven’t been sure, and now the lilacs are here. Only a few little flowers though so I think the shoemaker will still have a few days off. Wearing these wristwarmers today made me think of when I made them. It was in 2009 or possibly in 2008 (because I became a and made them to match a dress that actually had a matching cardigan. A matching, handknit cardigan. I keep forgetting I actually had a knitting life before Ravelry. I have a cardigan and a top somewhere that I can dig out and I know a made a very ill-fitting dress (that will teach me for not measuring a piece in the way the pattern stated) and a cotton skirt I’ve actually worn a lot back in the days (it was possibly made in 2009) but I think I’ve worn it out so it’s fine not to bring it out for Me Made May. I mean, just because you made it yourself doesn’t mean it will always stay nice, things wear out so I think it’s okay not bringing those out (although I do still wear a hoodie that I got in 9th grade, but only to the gym). What do you think?