My kind of logic


I am the sort of person who does not take to change very well. Sure, change might mean that something better is coming but if you already have a good thing going, why risk it? I like it when routines stay the same, when people stay where they are (it’s incredibly hard when people move, especially to another country) and when I don’t have to rethink strategies. I find it very difficult when I don’t know what will happen and I plan ahead and I plan for every possbile situation or outcome. By every I mean every. When changes happen that are not according to my plan or when I don’t know what will happen, I try to change my plan as quickly as possible. The plan doesn’t have to be correct but it has to be there and if nothing changes, I will follow it don’t revise it myself.


Today at dance class the instructor announced that she will not come back next semester and that next week is her last class. This is not something I handle well and I spent the first half of the class feeling lonely and without a plan and really, how will anything ever work out again if I can’t go to this class next semester? Then I realized two things. My instructor obviously needs something knitted to understand my deep love for her and I need some therapy a.k.a yarn and knitting. This also means that I have less than a week to not only come up with a project that suits the receiver and says  I-love-you-you-are-the-best-teacher-ever-never-leave-me-but-if-you-do-you-still-have-to-remember-me-every-time-you-put-this-on, that’s a lot of pressure on a project, but I will also have to knit it and have it ready, pictures taken and all, before Wednesday at lunch. I will put everything aside for this and only focus on this. The good news is that while doing all this planning and knitting I will not have time to worry what will happen after next Wednesday when my dance class is staying in some kind of limbo where I don’t know what instructor we will have nor if s/he will ever be as good as the current one. I am sure you can all understand the logic here:
1. I can’t handle change.
2. There is change coming up.
3. I have to knit a shawl.

So yeah, I’m busy as you can understand. I have to go look through the blue section of the stash now.